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Monte Sacro, the temple dedicated to the Trinity

Monte Sacro, the temple dedicated to the Trinity
The thought will be able to redesign and rebuild those places in the minds peace and piety of a time

To the north of the morning, at a distance of about 5,300 km as the crow flies, lonely, majestic and proud rises up to 874 meters, the Holy Mountain , the highest peak of the entire eastern Gargano.

The rock in the area is limestone, belonging to the Cretaceous and Eocene, with traces of Miocene and Pliocene tuff: the soil is rich in hydrates of iron, alumina and silica; while, though rich in limestone, is rich in clay , so it varies in color from reddish gray to dark red. Numerous trees, especially oaks and oak trees, yet spared from vandalism dark, bear witness of the dense forests of oak and Gargano, sung by Horace .

In the fourth century AD, the site was still known as Monte Dodoneo , consecrated to the worship of Jupiter, it is immediate analogy with the famous Shrine (oak grove) dedicated to Jupiter Dodoneo in northern Greece. After celebrating for the first time in the Holy Cave, with the appearance of the Archangel Michael, the Holy Bishop of Siponto, Lorenzo Maiorano , with seven other bishops Puglia went on nearby Mount Dodoneo breaking the idol of the pagan god, and dedicated the temple to Trinity(late fifth century AD). Since then the Monte would be called no more Dodoneo butMonte Sacro .

Today you can see only a heap of ruins of old-growth grandiose \\\' Benedictine Abbey of the Trinity , an outstanding monument of the Gargano-Apulian-Romanesque style, the ruins of which confer greater suggestiveness to this mountain.Remaining long in front and admiring one of the most extensive and interesting views Gargano, far from the noise, the thought will be able to redesign and rebuild those places in the minds of the peace and the religiosity of it once enjoyed this sacred hermitage.

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